5 Brilliant Bitcoin Videos for just 1 Bitcoin

As this blog is about entertaining, informing and earning Bitcoins – here is my second services package; where I offer my wares in an effort to earn a single Bitcoin. So for just one Bitcoin, you can get a set of 5 brilliant, custom made videos that will spread the word about Bitcoin with songs, cuteness and humour. This is perhaps ideal for a Bitcoin Foundation Member, who wants to invest in spreading the word.

So without further ado, here’s the fantastic five for one Bitcoin :

1. A sexy vampire woman will dance as she explains Hierarchical Deterministic  Bitcoin wallets using flashcards

sexy-bitcoin-Hierarchical Deterministic  Wallets


2. A 5 year old boy and his younger brother will explain why the debt backed dollar is likely to collapse and Bitcoin reign with the help of their Lego bricks



3. A Weirdo in Las Vegas will sing how Bitcoin will soon be used for shopping and gambling… But will caution that with this adoption comes the likelihood of dilution of the core libertarian values



4. A guy in a loincloth in the jungle, will do a promotional video for his monkey (or other jungle item) that he is willing to sell for Bitcoins and how he can offer a discount to international buyers due to the low international transction fees



5. A robot puppet will rant about how Bitcoin  mining has got much much much harder


And because I’m nice, I’ll add a bonus 6th video, see below!!

6. BONUS! A Bitcoin bellydancer will about sing the Bitcoin Blockchain

Well I figured a 6th video would go down well 🙂


So, what’s the likely impact of these videos on promoting the Bitcoin project?

Well, when I get them done, we can put them out to some big blogs and tell the backstory behind it, it may even get some national press coverage and spread the word of Bitcoin to more of the population.

Lets get started

The completion on these in some instances is reliant on receiving some information from you, but don’t worry we can sort it all out, so send  payment of 1 BTC to: 1DtGfZGUrHCN5K2hEW2YvW9NKW7cDChLg3 and email: paolodit@gmail.com to get things started.



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