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I love the Blockchain (but f**king hate the banks)

This idea came to me this morning as I walked past Lloyds Bank’s shiney new branding. It’s trying to be all friendly and “there for you, in the moments that matter”.

Yeah, really? The moment that matters is when I go over my overdraft limit by 70p and you charge me a £10 fee, return the direct debit causing me another £20 fee. Thanks.

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Bitcoin Genesis Block T-Shirt Design

In my recent Bitcoin journey I stumbled across the fantastic Coinsider This Podcast. It’s an entertaining and accessible podcast that talks Bitcoin in a great mix of laymans terms, technology detail and geek humour.

The show host Patrick is looking for an original Bitcoin related t-shirt idea to give a fantastic prize too. In the latest podcast (an exceptional interview with Andreas Antonopolous) he mentions this contest.

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