Project Bitcoin into the Heart of The City

This is a proposal for spreading the Word about Bitcoin in the UK, it uses the idea of projecting timely messages, on recognised public buildings (alongside PR) to spread a message.


n.b. I know you can’t project on clouds Batman style yet!

Of course, we’d work on the messages, the graphics to be projects. Come up with some idea, work on the feasibility of physically being long enough at a location to project an image, before being arrested/kicked off, etc. And engage a PR company to ensure we get some coverage.


To do anything other than a straight-forward projection  would be a lot more costly, though could be amazing: having dancing Bitcoins flying high in the sky whilst the cartoon pound coins and dollars are setting sail on the Titanic into a sea of debt, would be pretty amazing. See what they did in London or Madrid. I’ve spoken to a colleague that works in this space, and with the work involved in designing animations, modelling buildings, and setting up a projector array – would take the project into the 95BTC range.

So for this more straightforward London building project the cost of projector and transport hire is around £2,500.  Getting graphics done around £1,000. The likelihood of Westminster Council springing a fine at £2,500 is pretty high, see here. Engaging a PR agency will cost around £1,500 add in a few unknowns it’s a 20 BTC project.

The impact of this project is that there’d be at the least a local news feature on London News, mentions on Local radio and mentions in regional press, maybe national and even then international.

To get the Bitcoin Building Projection Project started send 10 BTC to: 1DtGfZGUrHCN5K2hEW2YvW9NKW7cDChLg3

Let’s do it. Paolo


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